Q1 – How to be a member? any fee incures?
A1 – No fee incures for both FREELANCE and PRO account. To be a member, one has to choose between FREELANCE account or PRO account:

Register as Freelance member, click HERE!
Register as PRO member, click HERE!

Q2 – I chose a FREELANCE ACCOUNT and became a member for weeks. Is it any possible way I can change my current account to PRO ACCOUNT?
A2 – Once you have registered either FREELANCE@PRO account, no privilege of changing from one account to another. Only one email per registration is allowed.


Q1 – How do i change my account password?
A1 – Simply by following these steps;
1. Login to your account
2. Click at 'CONTROL PANEL'
4. Enter your new password

Q2 – Tell me how do i retrieve back my account password?
A2 – Simply by using these steps;

1. Click on either FREELANCE or PRO account at the top bar
2. Look at ''Forgot your password"
3. Enter your email address and wait for few minutes (please check both junk and SPAM folder) until you receive notification email about NEW LOGIN PASSWORD


Q1 – I saw BIZPLAN in the website and wondering what was that?
A1 – BIZPLAN refers to a plan and/or package (subject to FREELANCE and PROFESSIONAL member only) established by 1mdp.my and a paid subscription (collectively and/or separately) for personal and/or business purposes of getting special privileges

Q1 – What and how do i choose which BIZPLAN is good for me?
A1 – BIZPLAN has different categories which will boost up your ad or online shop to be seen by users. Listed below completed BIZPLAN categories and its advantages for your kind information and consideration;

A premium advertisement plan offering a good visibility to get viewed by customers where the posted ad(s) is/are nicely positioned in the top menu

*Position the posted ad up at the top of the list
*make the posted ad colorly attractive and easily get spotted

Additional photos (up to 15 photos) per post, giving options for customer to value more about products/services being proposed


Q1 – There were certain pictures rejected by 1mdp.my team, what happened?
A1 – Certain photos might be too big in size. Other rejection might be due to violence & explicit content and misunderstanding issue (duplication of photos, plagiarism activities etc).

Q2 – I received a strange codes in my rejected ad. It sounds like these, CODEP12 and CODEV6. What are they?
A2 – They are codes made by 1mdp referring to the decision of rejecting the selected ad(s). You may refer at Rules & Regulations for further clarifications.

Q3 – I cannot attach more links for Youtube video ?
A3 – Please refer to BIZPLAN page under VIDBIZ PLAN.


Q1 – Before i start subscribing any plan or package, what are payment methods available?
A1 – We do have PAYPAL payment method and yet will be adding more in the future

Q2 – How do i pay using PayPal and is it in Malaysian Ringgit?
A2 – Paypal Malaysia offers variety in currency including Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). The easiest way to do payment, one must create PayPal account, followed by entering information in the e-form requested and provided by PayPal Malaysia before completing the cycle in the payment stage.

Q3 – How do i pay using local bank debit card?
A3 – Once you have selected any plan/package to subscribe, click on the 'PayPal' button. The page will bring you to a Paypal page. Select "Pay with debit or credit" whereby you can pay either using debit card or credit card.


Q1 – How do i request my lost invoice that i received on purchasing BIZPLAN long time ago?
A1 – You may send your request by clicking 'CONTACT US' under 'Credit and Billing' or contact our customer service at customerservice@1mdp.my


Q1 – How do i cancel my subscription on BIZPLAN
A1 – Payment made herein is a full duration of BIZPLAN (plan and/or package) subscription. Cancelling/terminating and/or changing the subscription(s) is/are strictly not allowed.


Q1 – Hello there, just wanted to know your refund policy. Is it possible to get money back for refund?
A1 – Any payment made is strictly not refundable. In the event where exceptional conditions and discretion from authorities, we will make an exceptional refund as soon as a deep and complete investigation for the case being reviewed.


Q1 – I noticed someone use my fake name and picture, how do I make a report?
A1 – Quickly lodge a report by clicking ‘CONTACT US', fill out the form under (customer service) and our team will check and if worse scenario happens, we will lodge a report to the right authorities

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