1mdp.my is practicing Personal Data Protection ACT 2010 (PDPA) whereby personal informations are protected and guarded to the fullest. This privacy policy describes how and we collect, use and share the information you give us.


Collecting personal data does not happen when you browse through our website unless you are intentionally choosing to provide the information. Typically, we collect data from or in relation to you.


Collecting information happens during registration process, certain parts of participation including mail to mail, surveys and cookies (and/or other similar tracking technologies). When you request page from our site, the internet protocol (“ip”) address will automatically be recorded to most likely diagnose problem and administer our websites. Other relevant information may be collected to provide smooth and efficient services, improvise the existing content of our site, marketing purposes, as well as preventing spam, fraud or abuse

Personal data collection may be channeled and processed for the following purposes:
• to manage, verify and complete transactions with you;
• to identify, manage and verify your subscriptions;
• to make ease our marketing product/services to you;
• to make better understanding and analyzing about sales, marketing as well as your need and preference;
• to develop, enhance, market and provide products and services to meet your needs;
• to enabling participation in surveys, promotions and contest;
• to respond complaints, improve our services and process exchange;
• to notice you with our updates on products and/or services, news and promotion/reward;
• to make ease of payment transactions without limitation to credit control services; and
• to comply with any regulatory, statutory or legal obligation imposed on us by any relevant authority.


We may disclose your personal information within 1mdp.my group and to the following parties accordance to terms and conditions for the purpose as stated above:
• Service providers who provide services related to the purposes of which the personal information is collected including data processing services;
• Person (duty of confidentiality) who has undertaken the responsibility to keep such information confidential.

In such action where information requires by the unaffiliated third parties for safety purposes and investigations activities, we may disclose to fit and comply with any law enforcement, court orders or legal processes. Apart from that, your information will be kept it saved from other unaffiliated third parties without your consent.


Negligence of supplying sufficient personal data, or is not satisfactory by the authority may lead to disapprove and no application will be processed. The privilege of getting further information, uploading, subscribing or service offered by 1mdp.my may be denied and rejected.


Details information will be stored and kept in either hard copies or servers which located within radius (Malaysia) or appointed servers outside the radius (outside Malaysia). In the case where transferring data is required, all information may be channeled to third party within/outside radius. Thus, the use of our website’s product/service, users either viewer or freelance and/or professional member hereby agree and consent to such transfer. Details information (Personal Data) supplied by you will be retained by us as long as necessary to satisfy legal regulatory, accounting requirements or to protect our interests.


Mails, messages and other medium of electronic messages received will be preserved its content and may be monitored by staffs or service providers for later purposes but not limited to compliance and auditing where email is suspected being abused. Any suspicious content may be disclosed in ways set out in this Privacy Policy to the right authorities for further inspection (if necessary).


It is technically considered as Personal Data if your communications data (i.e internet protocol (“ip”) address) or utilization data (i.e. information on the telecommunications services you accessed) try to access from your telecommunications services to our website and/or any other sites operated by 1mdp.my. The collection of your communications or utilization data will occur in accordance with and Personal Data Protection ACT 2010 ("Act") if there is a case of compelling necessity happens during the involved process.


The collection of non-personal data may be automatically running (registered or non-registered member) for our further reference such as the used of internet browser and operating system, domain name of the website from which you came, average time spent on the page viewed and so forth. We may use this non-personal data within 1mdp.my team and for the following purposes:
• Improvisation - to improve content and collect information on which attract users the most
• Device usage – to collect internet protocol (“ip”) address, hardware model, operating system (out to up-to-date version), type of browser, setting configuration (i.e. language, font, and other setting which identify device identifiers)
• Location – to identify the internet protocol (“ip”) address, track signal of mobile device through Global Positioning System (GPS) and access point (wifi) from nearby cell towers that transmit back to us whenever you use certain service provided from our website.


Enabling cookies on a computer allow users to get full accessible/functionality for certain website, so does ours. Cookies set by our company and any third party appointed or authorized by us to provide a smooth, well functioned access to the website and work properly. Our website uses cookies, advertising identifiers and other electronic tracking methods to measure, identify, collect and analyze advertisement performance, facilitate administration and navigation, as well as improving our website to suit users with customized online experience.


A small data called cookie will be stored on user’s computer (hard drive) or other device every visit to anonymous website they (users) make. This useful file (cookie) helps:
• Randomly choose a unique identification number of user’s computer/laptop/smartphone that will be kept recognized as the same user across one or more browsing sessions, and across one or more websites,
• Keep users’ information only that being supplied voluntarily by users themselves. Any information off user’s hard drive or reveal the true identity of user cannot be read by cookie,
• Users to switch to either manual or automatic sign-in credentials to ease users not having to enter credentials each time visiting a website,
• Us and appointed/authorized third parties to study patterns of user’s behaviors in terms of how much they spend on the pages, which features attracts customer the most and so forth. These activities help us to understand and give provide users with a better online experience, and
• Us and appointed/authorized third parties about advertisement users have viewed to prevent the same advertisement pops up again next time users visit the website.

Note: Disable browser cookies or flash cookies may interfere a proper function of our website. Users have choices to disable the cookies (refer to help menu to learn how to disable cookies) which most default browsers accept cookies automatically.


Our website has taken few steps to guard the loss of information. During our control, if user (his/her) is asked to provide credit card information, we serve a protected, secure environment for this purpose. However, we cannot ensure all data information is protected all the time through the internet. Any individual who encounters such a failure or breaching activity during the process is at their own risk and no warrant of full protection we can offer to protect during the event. We strive to guard any leak of Personal Data from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Take note that information such as username and password may require to embark certain part or section on our website. You are advice to keep it confidential from time to time or change the password regularly (if required).


Our website contains numerous links to other sites. These sites either provide by us or intentionally patched by the users. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy practiced by these sites. We have established a relationship with advertisers and/or business partner but such bond only bound for technical purposes or content collaboration. In the case where our advertisers and/or business partner legally access to users’ details, the disclosure will be initiated and informed during registration process. Users who insist to disclose his/her details other than our website may choose to not completing the registration.


Any individual has the authority to access the Personal Details held by us on payment (fee prescription) and also alteration for inaccurate, incomplete Personal Data. In the event where you wish to clarify on something in order to swoop away scammer, improvisation for our website or even future marketing communication, you are pleased to send your writings to;

Email : customerservice@1mdp.my


1mdp.my will review and amend this Privacy Policy to fit any condition without prior notice. Some changes may be applied reflecting the law, business practices and configuration structure. New version of our Privacy Policy will be available on our website, thus you are freely to check and browse through the latest one for self understanding and reference. Any suggestion of obligating this policy from our party with another party will not affect as this policy is not a contract basis

(Last updated: 20th OCTOBER 2018)

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