BIZPLAN refers to a plan and/or package (subject to FREELANCE and PROFESSIONAL member only) established by and a paid subscription (collectively and/or separately) for personal and/or business purposes of getting special privileges. BIZPLAN can be divided into few different plans namely;

Freelance & PRO (professional) member

A premium advertisement plan offering a good visibility to get viewed by customers where the posted ad(s) is/are nicely positioned in the top menu

*Position the posted ad up at the top of the list
*make the posted ad colorly attractive and easily get spotted

Additional photos (up to 15 photos) per post, giving options for customer to value more about products/services being proposed

All plan is available and we deserve the right to:
• add and/or remove features and/or packages for current/future packages where is deemed necessary without any prior notice. Subscribers will not get any refund or discount availability or additional features if she/he decides to not take up any of the upgraded features.
• add and/or change the prices (plans and/or packages) without prior notice. Subscribers are encouraged to keep updated for any changes in price (under BIZPLAN section) from time to time on a regular basis.
• add and/or remove sections in the plan and/or packages in the future where it is deemed necessary without any prior notice. Subscribers will not get any refund or discount availability for such action taken.

Note: All plans are subject toTerms of Use and not transferable to any and/or third party.

Subscriber who purchased BIZPLAN package may experience a non-automated activation. The activation will be made manually by our team within 48-hour. In the case where activation has been lately activated, the duration of subscription will be carrying forward. No loss will be bear by subscriber (we keep no loss policy).

Before completing the payment, subscribers need to fill information required by us. Payment can be made via e-banking and/or credit card. Please be advice that banks/financial institutions may charges for fee, interest or certain processing in respect of the payment. Subscribers shall be solely responsible for any additional charges and we will not be held liable for any of the above charges.

Subscribers who successfully subscribed any BIZPLAN (plan and/or package) will receive an email with attachment (invoice). In the case where any subscribers received no email within forty eight (48) hours from the date of payment, you may contact us via email for copy of invoice at

Any plan and/or package subscribed may not being automatically renew after the current subscription expired. in other words, no deduction will be made in any automated way. Subscribers may receive notification (email) few days before about renewing the due subscription to avoid from deleting impact. We will notice subscribers for any changes in the subscription plan and/or package.

Payment made herein is a full duration of BIZPLAN (plan and/or package) subscription. Cancelling/terminating and/or changing the subscription(s) is/are strictly not allowed.

Any payment made is strictly not refundable. In the event where exceptional conditions and discretion from authorities, we will make an exceptional refund as soon as a deep and complete investigation for the case being reviewed.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions stated herein, subscribers will be bound to team, subsidiaries, and/or affiliates to collect and process your personal details as defined in PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act 2010).Bear in mind that you also agree to receive any information, updates, promotion, emails, event associate partners and/or advertisers. Read through full Privacy Policy of website for clear and concise understanding.

Kindly please contact us for further information about the BIZPLAN plan and/or package:


(Last updated: 4th MARCH 2019)

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